The hardest part of getting to rapid delivery is the needed shift in culture. Many of our clients wonder why agile methods aren’t working. For some, Agile and DevOps are still new and fundamentally different from the old way of working.

It's about time for a reboot. 

Training is only the beginning. Your culture will shift when your singularly focused on building and delivering value to real end-users and adjusting your plan based on their feedback. 

We work side-by-side with you as coaches & practice leaders. We’ll expose you to lean & agile methods, while empowering you to take the reins. 

Our tools include the best of commercial practice, technology automation and agile analytics. 

Agile Product

Get agility that goes beyond software. Address the outliers in your program. Align roles and practices to help, not hinder. Respond to needs in real-time.

DevOps Design

Orchestrate for rapid deploys and release on a cadence. Promote technology adoption and automation. Architect for performance and security.

Value Stream MAnagement

Build and deliver value with consistency. Increase engagement with an agile cadence. Monitor the flow of results.

Across the Value Stream

From contracting and procurement to release and engagement, we support the delivery of applications and outcomes to the defense community.

We’ll help you map your value streams, remove bottlenecks and improve cycle times. Discover value with design sessions, prototype exercises and release trains. Our customers have access to the latest insights and tools for lean flow.

Portfolio Highlights

Our approach is built on empirical results and agile analytics. We measure success with clients and partners.

person in dark space suit searching through the fog with bright lights

Boulder TAP Lab

Centil helped design the Secure Software Development LifeCycle (S-SDLC) for TAP Lab application development.

Centil played a key role in the Lab’s implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Buckley AFB Capability Transition

Centil helped the OPIR Battlespace Awareness Center reduce process lead-time for baseline changes by over 70%. 

We leveraged commercial best practice and tools – all at no additional cost to our customer.