Your team helped us hack the gov't processes and get our lab to where it needs to be - deploying capability to ops!"

Capt Ryan Collazo US Space Force


Centil led efforts to design a rapid change process & agile delivery pipeline. As a result, lead time to deploy to a Battlespace Awareness Cell was reduced by 73%.

Centil played a major role in aligning 3 disparately managed SMC organizations into a single value stream.

Centil laid groundwork and policy changes for a prototype ‘Initial Deploy’ architecture. This design enabled transition of 3 new applications in 9 months.

Centil's efforts to increase workflow transparency led to a 5x reduction in WIP for two high profile IC programs.

Led OSD A&S’s recommended approach for “continuous ATO” and have implemented automated security and QA testing for all code updates in our DI2E repo.

Our efforts on two USAF projects led to a 170% increase in business value and a whole new method for measuring success!

Centil built a solid foundation in Agile development that allowed this project to be successful!

Dave Steffen Techical Lead for governement PaaS