Centil led efforts to design a rapid change process & agile delivery pipeline. As a result, lead time to deploy to a Battlespace Awareness Cell was reduced by 73%.

Centil played a major role in aligning 3 disparately managed SMC organizations into a single value stream.

Centil laid groundwork and policy changes for a prototype ‘Initial Deploy’ architecture. This design enabled transition of 3 new applications in 9 months.

Led Scaled Agile Transition for Tools Application and Processing (TAP) Lab in 2019. Staffed product teams with Product and Scrum leads. Results included team-led improvements and change in product priorities.

Led OSD A&S’s recommended approach for “continuous ATO” and have implemented automated security and QA testing for all code updates in our DI2E repo.

Refocused research lab on value delivery using value stream mapping and prioritization. Centil’s approach includes a starting with minimum viable product solutions and release methods.